Journal #8

Journal #8


Volume 8 is devoted exclusively to Proceedings of the Second International Bamboo Conference, June 7-9, 1985 at
Bambouseraie de Prafrance, near Anduze, Gard, France

List of Participants; pp. 4 – 11

Julian J.N. Campbell: Sino-Himalayan Bamboos: Towards a Synthesis of Western and Eastern Knowledge; pp. 12 – 22

Isabelle Valade & Zulkifli Dahlan: Approaching the Underground Development of a Bamboo with Leptomorph Rhizomes: Phyllostachys viridis (Young) McClure; pp. 23 – 42

Koon Ming Wong: The Growth Architecture and Ecology of some Tropical Bamboos; pp. 43 – 58

Fred M. Schlegel: Growth Behavior of Chusquea culeou Desv. in South Central Chile; pp. 59 – 64

Pascal Dabadie, Philippe de Reffye, & Pierre Dinouard: Modelling Bamboo Growth and Architecture: Phyllostachys viridi-glauscens Riviere A. et C.; pp. 65 – 79

Claude Rifat: Measurement of Tessellations in Different Bamboos; pp. 80 – 96

Stephen M. Young: Bamboos in American Botanic Gardens Past, Present, and Future; pp. 97 – 116

Emmet Judziewicz and Lynn Clark: An Overview of the Diversity of New World Bamboos; pp. 117 – 122

David McClintock: Problems in Naming Temperate Bamboos; pp. 123 – 124

Elizabeth A. Widjaja: Socio-Ecological Observations of Bamboo Forests in Indonesia; pp 125-135

Gerald Bol: Collecting New World Bamboos; pp. 136 – 142

Wolfgang Eberts: The Progress of Bamboo in the Federal Republic of Germany; pp. 143 – 145

Elizabeth A. Widjaja: The Peculiar Preparation of Bamboo Shoots for Culinary Purposes in Indonesia; pp. 146 – 150

Walter Liese: Progress in Bamboo Research; pp. 151 – 167

Wenyue Hsiung: Prospects for Bamboo Development in the World; pp. 168 – 178

Peter Bindon: Ethnographic and other Uses of Australian Bamboo Resources; pp. 179 – 190

T.N. Lipangile: Manufacture and Construction of Bamboo Water Supply Systems; pp. 191 – 198

David Farrelly: The Need for Bamboo Promotion; pp. 199 – 204

Ximena Londoño: Preliminary Collection Data and Information for the Native Colombian Bamboo Project; pp. 205 – 209

Kiyoshi Yasui: International Exchange Through Bamboo; p. 210

Michael Hirsh: An Open Letter to All Who Attended IBC88 and All Those Who Wish They Had; pp. 211 – 213


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