Journal #5

Journal #5


Issue #1 & 2
The Bamboos of the World – A Preliminary Study of Names and Distribution of the Herbaceous and Woody Bamboos (Bambusoideae Nees v. Esenb.) – Documented in Lists and Maps. Genus Chusquea.
D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings; pp. 1 – 46
The Flowerlng of Bambusa paniculata (Poaceae:, Bambusoideae) in Southern Mexico
Stephen. M. Young; pp. 47 – 53
D. Ohrnberger; p. 54 – 55

Issue #3 & 4
Ethnobotanical Notes on Gigantochloa in lndonesia with Special Reference to G. apus
Elizabeth A. Widjaja
; pp. 57 – 68
   Notes on Two Viny West Indian Bamboos
 L. G. Clark; pp. 69 – 72
Growth Pattern of Monopodial Rhizomes of Bamboo Plants
Wen Yue Hsiung; pp. 73 – 78
Research on the Raising of Phyllostachys pubescens Seedlings
Y.Y. Cheung , S.G. Cooper, T. J. Hansken and Y.C Cheung; pp. 79 – 86


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