Journal #3

Journal #3


Issue #1
Society Objectives; p. 1
The Culture of Moso in Japan, Part I
 Jinsaburo Oshima; pp. 2 – 28

Issue #2
Oil, Polyphenol and Hydrocarbon Content in Culms of Phyllostachys Species
W. C. Adamson, M. O. Bagby, and W. B. Roth; pp. 29 – 32
The Culture of Moso in Japan, Part II
Jinsaburo Oshima; pp. 33 – 46

Issue #3
   Arundinaria simonii Variegata
David McClintock
; pp. 47 – 48
Phyllostachys pubescens in China
Qui Fu-Geng; pp. 49 – 54
Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States: Part IV: Mountain Bamboos of the Old World
Richard Haubrich; pp. 55 – 69

Issue #4
Bamboo and Its Use
Sulpiz Kurz; pp. 71 – 87
Clone Registration 1982; p. 88


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